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Warm things for cold winters

This week I’ve got a couple of new releases… well one new release and one thing I completely forgot to blog when released it lol. First up, this cute hooded sweater with star patches stitched onto it. The sweater is available in 6 vibrant colors and includes sculpted sleeves, hood and pouch. As always it’s available on all layers so you can wear it over or under whatever you like.

On to the ACTUAL new release lol, something I’ve just set out on the new sim– 8 snuggly sweater dresses to keep you warm on those cold winter days. More colors may follow but these are the ones I was feeling for now ^^ Each one comes on all layers with sculpted collar, sleeves and skirt and ofcourse there is a fatpack at a deep discount.

RIDDLE – Main Store:

Pic 1:
Skin – Curio
Ear Muffs – Artilleri:
Sweater, Skirt – Riddle:
Boots – KAO:

Pic 2:
Skin – Curio
Hair – Magika:
Ear Muffs – Artilleri:
Sweater Dress, Coat, Jeans – Riddle:
Boots – Kookie:


Riddle does SL Daily Deals

I recently just found out about SL Daily Deals and I thought it was a really cool concept so I signed up. Sooo until midnight January 1st 100 of the coat and dress pictured above will be available for 50% off! As always everything comes on all layers. The jacket includes sculpted cuffs, hood and bottom part. The dress has sculpted sleeves, skirt and collar.

Also kind of exciting for me, I’ve finally gone ahead and opened my new sim. Still lots of work to be done but I’ve had the silly thing for ages now so it’s time to finally open the doors. There are rental spots available if anyone is interested. Just send me an IM/Notecard with some info about your shop. The price is 350L a week for 80 prims.

I haven’t had a grand opening yet but I will be having one in January, once the rental shops are filled so keep an eye out for it ^^

Skin – Curio
Hair – Deviant Kitties:
Ear Muffs – Artilleri:
Coat, Dress, Socks – Riddle:
Boots – Kookie: