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Taste of SL Anniversary Hunt

As I mentioned in a previous post, Riddle is taking part in the TOSL one year anniversary hunt. The tunic pictured above is hidden somewhere inside the brand new Riddle main store. This outfit includes sculpted sleeves, shirt puff and belt as well as a flexi skirt. There is also a color and texture change HUD included for the belt allowing you to change both leather texture and color to achieve a ton of different looks.

You can find more info about the hunt and the items you are looking for here:

In the spirit of the new main store I will be releasing several new items in the upcoming weeks as well as announcing a fun photo contest with some really great prizes so be sure to keep an eye out!

TOSL Hunt Starting Point:
RIDDLE – Main Store:

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TOSL Gacha Boardwalk Sale

I’ve been invited by the lovely folks at Taste of SL to take part in their one year anniversary hunt as well as a boardwalk gacha festival they are holding for this special occasion.

There are three offerings from Riddle at the boardwalk gacha. I’ve never done one of these before so I had a lot of fun picking items and getting everything set up!

For those of you not familiar with what gacha is, basically it is a machine which you pay a small amount (in this case 25L for tights, 30L for the shrugs and 20L for eyes) which will then give you a random item. Typically these items are no copy/transfer because there is a chance you can get two of the same color. It’s a fun and cheap way to get some nice items as well as gifts since everything is transferable.

As I mentioned above Riddle is also taking part in the TOSL anniverary hunt (more info to follow later this afternoon). I’ve taken this opportunity to open the brand new main store on Atomic. I’ve been very busy working at finishing it up, it’s still a bit of a work in progress. I’ve got some new pieces which will be coming shortly as well as an upcoming photo contest with some really great prizes that I will post about later this evening so keep an eye out!

TOSL Boardwalk Gacha:
RIDDLE – Main Store: