○ All items are copy/mod/no transfer so I cannot offer refunds. For this reason please be sure you want something before you purchase it. The only circumstance under which a refund will be issued is if you have a double purchase of the same item. If this is the case please send a notecard with your name, what you bought and transaction numbers to Chrystina Noel.

○ If you wish to purchase a gift for someone the only avenue at this time is directly through me. Please send payment and a notecard with the names of the items you would like to send as well as the name of the person to whom they will be sent to Chrystina Noel. Gifts will typically be sent out within a couple of hours of receipt of payment and notecard.

○ I am usually up for doing any interesting events as long as I have time so if you are an organizer please feel free to contact me in world with the details.

○ I am willing to send out review copies to bloggers but if you request items I would appreciate a link after you blog them. I don’t have a bloggers list as such. I used to but found that people who had previously asked to blog my items often weren’t doing so when I sent new releases. For this reason I primarily hand out review copies to friends, bloggers who’s blogs I follow and people who request specific pieces.

○ If you have any questions that aren’t answered here please contact me in world via notecard. I often crash on login so this will ensure your message is not lost.


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