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Anything but at Back To Black

While February seems to be the time to showcase all things lovey-dovey, CHIC is putting on a mental health awareness event titled Back To Black. This event is named after the event that started it all, The Black and Blue Fair. This is a wonderful event which is less focused on charity and more on providing information and general awareness.

For Back To Black I’ve set out a new set of multi-hued eyes. These come in several shades of brown, blue, grey and green. Each pair includes system eyes as well as prim eyes so you can wear two different colored prim eyes if you like.

If you have a spare minute be sure to stop by and check out the event, if not for the shopping then just for the information. If you or someone you know has suffered from mental illness I’m sure you can appreciate how misunderstood these types of illnesses sometimes are and just how serious they can be so please stop by and show your support! For more information you can visit CHIC’s BLog here:

Back to Black:
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Just a Crush

Juicy’s fantastic Valentine’s Day event “Crush On You” is still going strong! With loads and loads of valentine themed clothing, lingerie, furniture and accessories this is one adorable event.

Riddle’s new release for this event is set of sheer tights featuring a heart print. Each colour set comes on all layers and includes 3 different opacities. As always there is a fatpack available at a deep discount. These are currently available exclusively at Crush On You at a special price for the rest of the week.

Crush On You:
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Fashionably Late… in more ways than one

So after a very long, internet-less period of moving house, I am finally back on SL! I’ve got loads of events and new releases lined up for the next month or so, so glad to be back.

First order of business: Fashionably Late. I’ve set out 2 sets of 8 pairs of fun patterned socks for the event. These are currently available exclusively at Fashionably Late and only in this colour.

I’ve also finally got around to putting my releases from The Vintage Fair out in the main store so if you missed that event, you can now find those items at my Atomic Island location.

RIDDLE @ Fashionably Late:
RIDDLE – Main Store:

Pussybow Dresses Exclusively at The Vintage Fair

The Vintage Fair (another wonderful event by the CHIC team!) kicked off November 11th and will be in full swing until December 3rd. The fair is full of lovely one-off bargains and original pieces created just for the fair. As it states in the name, the theme of the fair is vintage/retro with the styles spanning anywhere from the 20’s to the 80’s.

With over 200 brands showcasing atleast one new and exclusive release each, this is an event not to be missed! There is sure to be a little something for the vintage lover in each of us whether it be furniture, clothing, accessories, hair or skin– this event has a bit of everything.

Riddle’s item for the Vintage Fair is something a bit close to my heart. I’ve created the Pussybow Dress pictured here in 12 different colors. This is a piece I’ve been looking for in real life for ages and can’t find the perfect style so I thought, “if I can’t have it in RL.. I’ll have it in SL” lol.

This dress comes on all layers and includes sculpted sleeves, sculpted bow and a flexi skirt. There is also a fatpack availble at a discount of over 50% from the individual price and (as always) Riddle Group Members will receive an additional 20% discount if you purchase the fatpack while wearing your group tag.

RIDDLE @ The Vintage Fair:
RIDDLE – Main Store:

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Project Themeory – 50’s Sock Hop

This week the theme for Project Themeory is 50’s Sock Hop.

For the event I’ve created 3 sets of 5 pairs of ankle socks with sculpted frills. You can pick them up at the main store for just 75L per pack for the rest of the weekend!

The three packs are as pictured, I’ve tried to put a variety of colors in each pack so you’re not buying a pack with a bunch of different shades of the same colour.

“Hop” on over to the Riddle Main Store to snap up your pack before the end of the weekend to get them at the special Project Themeory price.

You can find the rest of the items being offered for this event here:

RIDDLE – Main Store: