Another Last Minute Halloween Gift

Happy Halloween everyone! Just a quick note to say that I’ve set out another last minute gift in the main store.

Just wear your group tag and click the big black and orange box on the floor to receive the fatpack of socks pictured above. I wanted to do another little something because I love halloween.

Also be sure to pick up the orange and black dress if you haven’t which is still available as well! I know it’s halloween today but I will leave these gifts out for atleast another week to give everyone the chance to grab them since I’ve set them out so late.

RIDDLE – Main Store:


Fashionably Late + Halloween Group Gift

I wanted to do a group gift in the spirit of Halloween because it’s one of my favorite holidays, who doesn’t love to get dressed up in all kinds of outfits and costumes you couldn’t get away with any other time of the year?

This year I’ve set out a big orange and black box on the counter in the front room at the main store containing the orange and black striped dress pictured above. Just activate your group tag and click on the box to receive your gift.

As a side note, I got a bit carried away playing with the pic in photoshop. The dress is a lot more saturated/brighter in world lol.

Also it’s time again for another round of CHIC Mangement‘s Fashionably Late!

Participating shops this week include Tulip, ooo studio, Le Petale, mons, Milk Motion, Imbue, Ivalde, Damned and Vuitton.

This week Riddle’s contribution consists of an exclusive set of Halloween coloured stockings. You can nab the full pack for just 80L. These will only be available for the duration of this week’s Fashionably Late so stop by and snap them up!

Fashionably Late:
RIDDLE – Main Store:

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The Knitting Circle’s Monthly Bake Sale – Halloween Edition

The Knitting Circle’s Bake Sale is Halloween themed this month. I’ve set out all the goodies pictured above for just 50L each. Pop over to the bake sale to find some great Halloween finds including full costumes and lots of autumn pieces. The Bake Sale runs from October 23rd until October 29th.

RIDDLE – Main Store:
Knitting Circle Bake Sale:

Last Chance for 50% off at Riddle

Just a quick note to let everyone know that my 50% off sale will be extended by one day due to time differences and all that jazz. I will be out of town all day/night tomorrow so I’ll be unable to return everything to full price at SL midnight as planned. Don’t forget to stop by and have a poke around, as I said previously I don’t have sales very often and it’s likely that I will be retiring a lot of stock soon due to the arrival of mesh. Last chance to grab everything in the store at a deep discount!

RIDDLE – Main Store:

Project Themeory + 50% off on all stock

Riddle is participating in Project Themeory this week with an offering of 5 mesh maxi skirts + cute star printed tops that coordinate. The theme this week is real life to second life with the idea being that participants would take an item from real life and turn it into something in second life. My clothes were inspired by a skirt I found online and a print that I love in real life.

The top and skirt combos are available for just 75L until Sunday at midnight at which time they will be place in the store as seperates for their full price so be sure to stop by and snap them up. If you have yet to try out mesh, this is a cheap opportunity for you to test it out! Please be certain you are using a viewer capable of using mesh before you purchase as there are no refunds. To my knowledge at this point there are several v3 based viewers (LL viewer, Kirsten’s Viewer and Firestorm beta to name a few) and a few old style viewers (Astra and Cool Viewer) that support mesh. As mesh becomes more common place in sl, I will be striving to do more mesh releases.

Also, starting today I am having a my-computer-is-dying-and-screams-in-agony-every-time-I-use-a-v3-based-viewer-so-I-need-a-new-one sale! We’ll call it a 50% off sale for short, much easier to remember xD As of now, all items in the Atomic store are marked down 50%. Fatpacks have also been discounted. The sale runs from now until September 16th. I don’t have sales very often so this is a good opportunity to snap up a few bits on the cheap!

RIDDLE – Main Store:

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