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Cableknit Cuteness

I’ve just finished some minor renovations at the Riddle main store (mainly adding a few new display areas) and thought it would be an opportune time to set these cute little sweaters out.

There are 10 colors available in total. Each top includes two sleeve variations (short, sculpted sleeves and 3/4 length regular sleeves), sculpted bottom, sculpted collar (can be worn without if you prefer) and the basic shirt on all layers.

Every winter I end up adding so many pieces to the store as my personal taste runs toward sweaters, mid length skirts, scarves and all things cozy. It takes a long time to warm up in my part of the world and when you can’t bear to look at yourself in anything that could possibly be deemed skimpy without feeling a chill it becomes difficult to make the transition from winter to spring/summer! However I’m getting there so keep an eye out, I’ve got a whole slew of things planned for the next season which I hope you’ll enjoy =)

RIDDLE – Main Store:

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