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Lace Dresses in 9 new colours

I recently received a request to release my lace dress in more colors. Previously this dress was only available in black, white and tan. As pictured above, I’ve gone ahead and created 9 new deep hues. I’ve also updated the fatpack to include these new versions.

Now I also forgot something last time I did a new release, normally Riddle group members receive 50% off all new releases for the first 24hrs. I completely spaced on this with my last release (Beach Time Dresses). Sooo for the next 24hrs group members will receive 50% off the new lace dresses as well as the beach time dresses released last week. Sorry for this over sight!

Be sure to wear your group tag when you purchase and you will be refunded half the purchase price. Also please be advised that this 50% discount is only on individual purchases and NOT fatpacks. Group member -always- receive 20% off fatpacks (which are already at a deep discount). This offer is only valid at the Atomic Island location for the next 24hrs.

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Vintage Floral Freebie

I sent a notice to my group last night and made a blog post this morning about a fatpack of vintage floral print tops that is available free of charge from my hippo group. Unfortunately I just found out that the group terminal was completely messed up and no one was able to join. Many apologies for any irritation/frustration/trouble this may have caused. I’ve fixed up the terminal and I thought I’d make a quick post to that effect as well as take a photo of these little free tops since I was unable to do so earlier.

Again, really sorry for any problems anyone had with the silly group terminal. I seem to have a lot of issues every time I send a freebie out to my hippo group so I’d welcome any thoughts or suggestions about the various options available in terms of update groups!

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