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Riddle invades Disco Deals & The Riot Room

Starting today Riddle will be participating in an event called Disco Deals put on by the lovely people at Shopping Cart Disco. The event has two parts, an exclusive sale item and an optional mob vend offering.

For my main item I’ve set out the outfit above. Included in the box is a brand new, exclusive pink version of my wool skirt (button and no button version included), the brand new Cableknit Cutie Sweater in white as well as a matching pair of argyle socks in pink all for just 99L!

The second part of this event is called The Riot Room. I’ve never done a mob vend before so I thought it would be fun to give it a shot. I’ve put the entire Take the Plunge Fatpack up for grabs at a very deep discount (over 50% off). This offer will be available all month so drag your friends down to the riot room and take advantage of a great deal!

Disco Deals begins Friday February 4th and will last for the weekend at which point many of the items available here will be gone forever so be sure to take a stop in. With offerings of clothing, poses and jewelery from several fab creators there’s a little something for everyone.

Several designers also have freebies set out so even if you’re short on cash it’s definitely worth making the trip. By the Riddle stand you will find a little black bag for sale for 1L which contains a pair of eyes (prim and regular versions included).

RIDDLE – Main Store:
Disco Deals & The Riot Room:

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